Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur!

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Liberate your soul and let loose within nature. Flow along with our serene river on a kayak or defy gravity with rope activities! Campout in our homestay of Sakleshpur with activities for every guest staying with us regardless of experience and activity level. Hop into a 4×4 jeep for a bumpy ride across the Western Ghats that leads to a stunning and breathtaking view. Swim in a lake with life jackets and feel the natural currents rock you, Has the Best Places for trekking in sakleshpur to make your soul refreshed with the nature with unlimited fun. Enjoy these and many more in the best sakleshpur stay with activities with your group..

Sakleshpur is a favourite weekend destination for many travellers with  proxmity to many attractions like Mookane Mane Habbi waterfalls, Manjarabad fort, Kaginahare fort, Viewing point etc., which are historically relevant and naturally enticing as well!


8 – 10 people occupancy in 1 Cottage 

2 – 4 people in TentsStay

Inclusive: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks + Activities

Activities: Bonfire, Zipping, Kayaking, Swimming in river with life jackets, Rain Dance, Indoor and Outdoor Games


Something about cooking out in the open with your friends and family around makes everything very special! Watch the night unwind with music, dance and merrymaking around a safety ensured bonfire! We'll get the skewers and grills and you can cook your own food!


Too lazy to swim? Just float and let go of all of life's worries with a lifejacket! Beginners can also dabble in the swimming experience as we provide life jackets


Life is more than just thrills, it happens in the little things, too. Relax with friends and family with a range of classic indoor games like chess and carrom while making memories and chilling out together at this resort in Sakleshpur for family!


Work out those muscles and invigorate your tired body with some outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. Move on to more exotic offerings like slush games and archery as well!


Defy gravity and fly over the gorgeous river present at the estate at a height of 100 feet! Hold on to the pulley and shoot across the length of 100 metres for a once in a lifetime experience.


Paddle across a still lake that speaks to you. Watch the ripples solo or take an intimate ride with our dual seater kayaks as well. Explore nature and take in a breathtaking view of the mountains!


Nick your arrows and become one with the bow. Shoot the target board and make a high score to beat your friends. Whether it's Arjuna or Katniss, you will surely feel like a hero


Shake the stress and worries of life away with an epic rain dance! Best the heat and cool off with your team in an exciting rain dance. You don't need to wait for the clouds for it pour down on you while getting some physical exercise


Building Blocks

4-way Tug of War

Bull Ring

Elephant Trunk Game

Ladder Golf

Your corporate life is about to get leveled up! Enjoy an engaging day of physical activities that are integrated with enriching team building elements as well. These activities are perfect for friends, families and corporates putting your trust, knowledge and bonding to the test! And what better venue than the beautiful lap of mother nature at Sakleshpur?



Rs 10000 per group ( 10 – 60 people group)


Jumaring is a professional technique used to climb a rope vertically. Feel like a mountaineer and climb the rope with the help of a kit called Climbing Ascenders

The kit consists of ropes, safety harness and a clamp with a handle that can move freely up a rope on which it is clipped but locks when downward pressure is applied meaning you can slide upward but not down! A combination of pulling the right and left Jumar clamps while in tandem with “crouching” or “sitting” with the help of a harness and standing on the “loop” of the rope is required to ascend the vertical challenge. Try this daunting activity and push your own limits!


In River crossing we pull ourselves from an inclined position from one side to the other! You get a birds eye view of the river and feel what it's like to soar across the river in this adventurous activity!


Note: Up to 10 people can accommodate in 1 pick-up vehicle

Hosahalli View Point – Rs 800 per Jeep

Mookanamane Habbi Water Falls – Rs 800 per Jeep

Kaginahare Fort – Rs 1800 per Jeep

Patla Betta Sunset Point – Rs 2000 per Jeep

Green Route Railway Trek (Donigal) – Rs 2000 per Jeep

Description: A 4×4 Jeep will take you across the Western Ghats to a breathtaking view of the mountains. Touch the sky and feel the wind in your ear during this rocky ride in a safe and customised jeep driven by an expert. Soak in the sunset, nature, birds and trees on your adventu.

Sakleshpur is perfect for off road fun and adventure and you'll find lots of off road trails for motorcycles, horse, dirt bikes, ATVs(All-Terrain Vehicle), and 4 wheel drive vehicles. We offer endless trails to explore along with miles and miles of scenic beauty to enjoy. So load up the Jeep and head to one of these trails and enjoy the miles of off road trails in Western Ghats. We offer daily one hour to full day tours, or we can create a custom tour with a picnic, hiking, trek to waterfalls, swimming or fishing. Reservations are required.


1 Gazebos for Outdoor Entertainment and dining.

Parking area

50+ people capacity Open Restaurant next to the River

Bonfire and Bar-B-Q Facility


Pickup and Drop facility

Hot water facility


Avoid uncomfortable clothing

Carrying jewellery or other valuables is not advisable

Please do not litter your surroundings

Things To Carry:

Comfortable Shoes

Personal medicine (If any)

Raincoat during monsoon

Leech proof socks during monsoon (You can buy one at the Homestay)

Shorts 2 -3 pairs

Night Dress

Torch with Extra Battery


Water Bottle

Sun Cream during summer

Swimming costumes

Dental Kit


Back pack

House Rules:

Feel free to use the whole facilities available at our homestay. Please be respectful of our homestay and treat it as if was your own.

Please don’t smoke inside the cottage/Tents. Smoking is allowed outdoors only.

Ticket Types

Per Person Tent Stay - ₹ 1900   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities

Per Person Cottage stay - ₹ 2300   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities


Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur!

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Per Person Tent Stay - ₹ 1900   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities
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Per Person Cottage stay - ₹ 2300   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities
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Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur!

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Per Person Tent Stay - ₹ 1900   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities
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Per Person Cottage stay - ₹ 2300   
24 Hrs stay with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + High-Tea with snacks and activities
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